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We offer you especially content marketing services (shop and product texts)optimised for online merchants, which provide you with a high benefit: more traffic, more conversion, fewer returns, … We provide you with all this, with extremely simple processes for you and take care of the coordination and quality assurance for you in the background (6-eyes principle + technical content check + plagiarism check), so we make content marketing as easy for you as ordering paper clips.

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1st webinar: Content strategy for online retailers

In our webinar, Content Strategy for Online Retailers. you will learn how to establish profitable content marketing (shop and product texts) so easily in your company with a sensible structure and an optimized sequence that you can profit from the advantages of creative services in the future (more highly qualified traffic, higher conversion rates & fewer returns) without the typical effort of coordinating creative services. We make content marketing as easy for you as ordering paper clips.

All our measures are highly profitable very quickly! As an appreciation of your time, as a webinar participant you will also receive a one-time discount on our starter package.

2. start package

Take advantage of our Star Package to get started quickly in the optimal order and secure an additional discounted package price.

3. individual performances in the 6-step system

Use our editorial services for online shops according to your needs. You can orientate yourself on our recommended 6-step-system, so that all services are optimally interlocked and through the special sequence you can secure the highest possible profitability.

4. personal telephone call

Book a personal, free telephone conversation so that we can find the best way for your shop together.

5. login for customers

If you already have a login, you can log in here. Here you also get access to your old invoices, etc.

Customer testimonials

"We just recently started optimizing and we're still in step 2, so we haven't even gotten into the product world yet, and we're already seeing more traffic and positive business growth."

Foto Ulrich Drunkemoeller
Ulrich D.
Shop owner

"We enjoy using your service as it adds a lot of value for our customers. Therefore, we use your texts as sales consultants in our shop.

They hold all the information ready in an appealing way that is important for the customer's purchase decision. Since our focus is on the customer and not the search engine, this point is particularly important to us. In addition, of course, we're excited about the SEO successes that have resulted."

Foto Christian Helm
Christian H.
Shop owner

"We're still in the very early stages of optimization, and we're already seeing success with individual products you described."

Foto Matthias Spieler
Matthias S.
Shop owner

Our sales this year are noticeably higher than last year. We've had rankings jump from 7th to 2nd for individual products, and we're already selling one of our most important products twice as much as we did before your texts.

We notice that our customers feel better advised and see a clear difference between the products in the shop that you have already processed and the products that have not yet been processed. The finished products are clearly developing positively, while the still unprocessed products of the shop have in some cases even declined in the meantime.

Foto Peter Holtermann
Peter H.
Shop owner

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