Linda pro: Decades of proven productivity methods in a new, simple productivity software for small and medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries.

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Linda pro is an online software that we have developed to increase productivity in small and medium enterprises. Linda pro helps you organize tasks, ideas, notes, links, contracts, purchases and much more.

Linda pro relies on proven methods such as the FMU role model or the Eisenhower matrix and combines such decades of proven methods with a modern, tidy software. Linda pro is very easy to use and additionally self-explanatory due to many short videos. You can get started in under 10 minutes and be more productive in the future.

Test Linda pro yourself and convince yourself of the benefits for your company.

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With the Linda pro dashboard you have the current status available at a glance. How many of your tasks are due today, how many tasks delegated by you need to be completed today, how many business ideas are currently in development, and many more.

Express Note

With Linda pro Express Note, you can capture and temporarily store information in a flash. From the next navigation destination, to the shopping list, to a phone memo, etc. The Express Note works across devices, save something in the office, use it on your smartphone and copy it there via the clipboard into any application.

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Notes Manager

With the Linda pro notes manager you can organize information in your company that you need at a later date and want to have at hand at any time. This can be the design settings of your website as well as specially agreed prices that you need for a customer visit on site.

Ideas Manager

With the Linda pro Idea Manager you can plan business ideas, new processes, etc. and evaluate and weight them according to cost, benefit, opportunity, risk, so that you can always find and implement exactly the ideas that will advance your business and bring the best possible return on your invested money.

Linda pro - Produktivitätssoftware
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Task Manager

With the Linda pro task manager you organize your tasks and can also delegate tasks within your team. You’ll have access to powerful prioritization, filtering and mapping, so you can stay on top of things and be more effective by getting more important tasks done in less time.

Link Manager

With Linda pro Link Manager you can organize hundreds or thousands of links to software products you use, your suppliers, key customers or interesting sites for information or competitive research.

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Template Manager

With the Linda pro template manager you can organize text modules and entire letter or mail templates in your company. You’ll have access to powerful prioritization, filtering and mapping, so you can stay on top of things and be more effective by getting more important tasks done in less time.

Contract Manager

With the Linda pro contract manager you keep track of current contracts, additions, obligations and cancellation options.

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Eisenhower Matrix

Linda pro supports the proven Eisenhower Matrix and makes it especially easy for you to complete more of your important tasks – useful for your long-term success – and thus protects you from being “eaten up” by trivialities in everyday life.

Corporate divisions

From our consulting work we know how much success you can achieve through a sensible division of your company. This way you can easily ensure that no area will be neglected in the future, even if you don’t have your own team for all areas. Ideal therefore also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Linda pro contains an area division that has proven to be optimal in our consulting work. You can use them directly.

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FMU roller model

Linda pro supports the proven FMU role model according to Michael E. Gerber. The division into specialist manager and entrepreneur makes it easier for you to keep track of things and to focus on the important things. This model is particularly suitable for small companies that do not have specialists for every area.

Multi-company solution

You own several companies or you are involved in several companies? With Linda Pro you manage all your companies in one account and don’t have to switch between different logins. Each Linda pro license includes 3 companies at the same time, you can request additional licenses at any time.

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Project management

In Linda pro you can create as many projects as you like in each of your companies and thus easily keep track of even large amounts of tasks.

Extensive search

Linda pro has a particularly extensive search function. If you only remember fragments of a task, note or idea, you are guaranteed to find what you were looking for.

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Focus through multiple filters

Linda pro has a powerful filter function. This way you can always fade in exactly what is currently in your focus. For example, if you want to spend an hour looking through the important, corporate sales tasks for the next week, all you have to do is activate these filters and the rest will disappear. You can work highly concentrated and distraction-free.

Automatic task scheduling (coming soon)

With task automation, you create regular tasks for independent rescheduling. You can also delegate tasks automatically on a regular basis and store work descriptions in text or video format. New employees are trained faster, the error rates decrease and your company can run on autopilot. Whether the coffee machine is to be cleaned once a week or a seal in a production machine has to be replaced every 6 weeks. With Linda pro it becomes set-it-and-forget-it for you.

Expected to be available in Q1/2022

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Multi-device solution

Use Linda pro on all your devices at the same time. PC, MAC, Android smartphone, iPhone, Android tablet, iPad, etc. You can use Linda pro on all common devices with modern web browsers.

Push messages

Linda pro can send you push messages to PC, MAC, Android as well as iOS devices and smartwatches. This way, you’ll always be up to date and ready to work and productive wherever you are. Of course, you and your employees can fine-tune push notifications so that optimal work-life balance and productivity go hand-in-hand.

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Remote & Home Office

Linda pro was designed from day 1 with possible decentralized work in mind. Whether you want to use Linda pro while shopping, on a trip in the home office or in the bathtub. It works everywhere.

Quick start

Linda pro is extremely easy to use, the online software is directly pre-configured at the time of booking and ready for immediate use. In less than 10 minutes including booking you can already use Linda pro and immediately work more productively. Your employees will also find their way around immediately, so you can roll out Linda pro quickly in your company and it’s also fantastic for working with freelancers on a project-by-project basis.

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Linda individual

As a Linda pro customer you can request the development of individual modules. This way, specific problem solutions can be integrated directly into your Linda pro account. For example, we have integrated the scheduling of service technicians with feedback from their customers directly into Linda pro for one of our customers. This solution saves him about 600 person-hours per year with better customer service.

German computer center

Linda pro is operated in a German data center, with encrypted backups in the EU. Optimal for fast response times within Germany and excellent data protection. Of course, we take into account the DSGVO / GDPR.

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Fast access worldwide

Linda pro uses a so-called Content Delivery Network to increase security and worldwide fast delivery. With data centers in more than 250 cities in over 100 countries, Linda pro is always available to you securely and at high speed when traveling or collaborating with international partners. This infrastructure theoretically reaches more than 95% of the world’s population in a maximum of 50 milliseconds. So you can go on holiday quite relaxed.

Working in a team

Linda pro is a team player. You can collaborate with other Linda pro users to delegate tasks and receive assignments. You can form teams within your organization as well as work with external partners such as tax consultants, freelancers or lawyers.

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Unlimited number of users

You can use Linda pro for yourself or for your whole team. You can simply choose how many users you need when booking. If you book Linda pro for several users, you automatically have a license management function at your disposal, by means of which you can reassign the booked licenses at any time, for example, in the case of an employee change. In addition, we create a central invoice for all licenses, so that you have it as easy as possible in the accounting.

Constant further development

You use Linda pro always and automatically in the latest and best version. We are constantly developing Linda pro. You and your team have with Linda pro a new team member at your side which relieves you, makes you more productive and gets better every day.

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Many short videos

Linda pro supports you in many places already with many short videos to get more use out of Linda pro faster.

Low costs & high profitability

You’re probably wondering now how expensive it all is. We have deliberately calculated Linda pro in such a way that anyone who is seriously interested in increasing productivity in their company can afford it. Linda pro costs you only 297.- Euro net per user per year. It will pay for itself if you just make a better decision, get an important task done sooner, and do it for years.

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About me

Hello, I am Sebastian, owner and managing director of webRichtUng GmbH, I have been helping entrepreneurs make their companies better, more valuable and more successful for over 18 years. At the beginning as a service provider today more and more as a consultant and partner.

In contrast to traditional consultants, I am an entrepreneur myself, I am involved in various companies, I invest with high risk and I manage a decentralized team, and so I am dependent on having good priorities and making good decisions myself every day.

We developed Linda pro for my own needs and are constantly developing it further based on our own requirements. If you are interested to see if Linda pro can help you as it did me, feel free to book a free trial and try Linda pro for yourself.

I look forward to Linda pro becoming as valuable to you as she is to me.

Many greetings


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Yes, you can add the necessary number of licenses at any time in the My Account section > teams. The previous terms are automatically credited.

Yes, you can deposit the reduction at any time, it is then automatically valid for the next debit period.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the package at any time to suit your needs. Existing terms are taken into account. The change always takes place for the total number of booked team licenses in the package.

Yes, absolutely! You simply book with your account for the whole team Linda pro and then again a single Linda personal license. However, we recommend that you book Linda personal for your whole team. You also have great benefits as an employer from happy, optimistic and responsible employees, it pays off many times over. In addition, you get so much discount on the package of Linda pro & Linda personal that the cost is economically insignificant.

Simply send a short mail to [email protected] and we will enter your cancellation at the end of the booked term.

Just send a short mail to [email protected] and we will enter your cancellation at the end of the trial period.

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