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Decades of proven productivity methods in a new, simple software.

Increase the productivity IN your company

Linda pro is an online software that we have developed to increase productivity in small and medium sized businesses. Linda pro helps you organize tasks, ideas, notes, links, contracts, purchases and much more.

Linda pro relies on proven methods such as the FMU role model or the Eisenhower matrix and combines such decades of proven methods with a modern, tidy software. Linda pro is very easy to use and additionally self-explanatory due to many short videos. You can get started in under 10 minutes and be more productive in the future.

Test Linda pro yourself and convince yourself of the benefits for your company.

End paper clutter, get more important things done, and make better decisions with Linda pro, our productivity software designed specifically for small businesses and solo self-employed professionals.

Linda pro is perfect for you if you want to...

Linda pro helps you improve your company’s level of organization and your decision making, so you can get better results faster with more peace of mind and less stress.

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About me

Hello, I am Sebastian, owner and managing director of webRichtUng GmbH, I have been helping entrepreneurs make their companies better, more valuable and more successful for over 18 years. At the beginning as a service provider today more and more as a consultant and partner.

In contrast to traditional consultants, I am an entrepreneur myself, I am involved in various companies, I invest with high risk and I manage a decentralized team, and so I am dependent on having good priorities and making good decisions myself every day.

We developed Linda pro for my own needs and are constantly developing it further based on our own requirements. If you are interested to see if Linda pro can help you as it did me, feel free to book a free trial and try Linda pro for yourself.

I look forward to Linda pro becoming as valuable to you as she is to me.

Many greetings


Linda pro is crap for you if ...

Linda pro is an honest piece of software, a tool that helps you to make yourself, your work, your team and your company better and more productive. Linda pro can’t do your job, but Linda pro can help you do it easier, better, faster and more effectively.

Absolutely without obligation and free of charge. Of course, we comply with the data protection laws.

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