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Find out why this can give you a performance advantage and reduce your risk.

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Once you have booked our service, we will send you login details to our site and you will be able to see our data-based assessment updated every day.

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You can log in to us at any time and see the current state of the monitored cryptocurrencies.

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More discernment security

We show you a trend for each monitored cryptocurrency. Green or red – very simple. Red probability prevails tends to go up – Red probability prevails tends to go down.

The Crypto Asset Universe

Daily updated data for

What is the idea behind the signals?

The idea behind it

Investing in major crypto assets has been highly profitable in the past. It was mostly the case that anyone who invested for longer than 4 years was in the black. Even if you bought at the top, it went up so much that you were still in the plus after that time.

Of course, the optimum would be to buy low and sell high and not have to sit out every bear market.

This is exactly what we have developed our signals for. The goal is to recognize a stabilizing trend, to follow the way up including the small fluctuations and when the market starts to turn, to have the possibility to get out – without losing all profits again.

And to make good profits within a few months or even one or two years and to keep your capital safe as the risk increases.

What's the point of it all?

Excerpts from the results

Here you can see several screenshots with the respective signal plotted when the market was detected as bullish (uptrend) and when it was detected as bearish (downtrend).

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Daily updated data preview

Preview of the current data

Always protect your money and never take incalculable risks

Risk notice & disclaimer

CAUTION: Crypto assets are highly volatile. You can suffer a total loss when investing in these assets. Please never invest solely based on the signals here. Please use the signals only as an additional source of information and manage your risk. You are solely responsible for your investments, your omissions, your profits and your losses. Of course, the market may behave differently afterwards than the previously calculated signal suggests.

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