Crisis management - navigation & help through the crisis & a strategy for a stable entrepreneurial future

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Phase 1: Positioning & immediate plan

We look together at what has led to the crisis, how strong is the crisis in relation to your company, what must a corresponding plan to combat the crisis look like and what is the next sensible step.

Phase 2: Securing liquidity & first immediate measures

Every entrepreneurial crisis can be overcome and every entrepreneurial problem can be solved. What we need is time and a suitable toolbox. In the case of a company, time means secured liquidity.

We need to make sure that the company lasts long enough for the measures to work. To do this, we look at a whole range of options. From inventory reduction to financing.

In parallel, immediate measures can be found in most companies to reduce additional liquidity needs by increasing revenues or reducing costs.

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Crisis Management Phase 3: Strategy & Marketing & Implementation

As soon as the liquidity is secured, we develop a suitable strategy, an adapted marketing and accompany you during the implementation.

So we make the necessary adjustments, “tell” enough potential new and old customers about you and support you so that the implementation succeeds in everyday life.

Phase 4: Risk Management & Money Making

After your company is back on track, we help you to set up your company for the future in such a way that a comparable crisis can either no longer occur in the future or, if unavoidable, does not affect you economically in the same way.

Last but not least, we help you to earn fresh money again, so that peace comes into everything and above all the whole effort and stress also pays off sometime.

Rule of thumb: You should end up with at least double the loss. So if you lose 100,000 euros in a crisis, we should at least go at a fast pace until you have 200,000 euros left again.


You are cordially invited to contact us. Please briefly describe your current status and your current possibilities in the interview, we will then discuss internally and contact you within 2 working days after our interview to tell you whether and how we can help you in your specific case. We look forward to getting to know you and your company.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Until all effects are removed and especially until you have at least twice the damage left again, it can take a while. In the case of medium losses in small or medium-sized enterprises, usually 1-5 years.

The first results, especially in the form of a reassuring plan and the feeling of regaining control, can often be achieved within a few days to a few weeks– especially in the case of small and medium-sized companies.

Theoretically: Yes! It is a logical approach and proven processes. Away from the subject of crisis, but generally speaking, the whole thing means nothing other than:

  1. We look at the problem at hand and dive in to understand it.
  2. We provide the necessary time for diagnosis and therapy.
  3. We find suitable measures and ensure professional implementation.
  4. We take care for the future and do prevention and increase your insurance protection against future problems.
So why theoretically? Well, it can fail mainly due to 5 factors. Time, money, focus, willingness to change and decision-making ability.
Time: No matter how fast we can start and how much we roll over for you, we need a short moment. The later you come, the greater the risk of running out of time.
Money: No matter how we calculate or how little or much we should help you, if your budget is at 0,00.- Euro, we can calculate as imaginative as we want, there is nothing more possible. Therefore, if you want us to help you, please contact us early, the smaller the damage in relation to the available budget, the easier and faster we can fix it.
Focus: In times of crisis, it’s insanely pleasant to get distracted, blame somewhere, renovate the house, fly on vacation, or flip through car catalogs, completely understandable, but unfortunately not useful.
If you want to get through the crisis quickly and safely, forget who is to blame, you currently have a problem, no matter who caused it, let’s solve the problem and focus fully on it. When everything is relaxed again and your accounts are well filled, there is time for everything else.
Willingness to change: we have to change things to get different results, logical! Because if we do exactly the same thing as before in every case, the result will be exactly the same. So of course you have to be ready for change.
Decision-making ability: Especially in times of crisis, it is easy to be uncertain and hesitant, yet exactly the opposite is required, quick, clear, good, sensible and logical decisions to get everything back on track as quickly as possible. We are happy to be at your side and motivate you again and again, you have to want it and let it happen.
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