Case Study: Google Panda Update the Crash and the Way Out

In this short Panda update case study we would like to show you the course of a shop optimization based on a visibility chart of one of our customers.

Initial Situation:

The client was formerly in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) not well advised, accordingly not well positioned and has thereby in the October 2014 at the Google Panda update 4.1 a massive visibility and Traffic loss suffered.

At the same time, this resulted in clearly measurable Declines in sales.

Our assignment

The client hired us to create content for their online store on a regular basis starting in July 2016.

Due to the strong effect caused by the visibility and traffic loss, the customer has given us a -relatively to its size and goals – small budget of 5.000 € / month for the Provided. At the same time, however, this budget was accompanied by a large vision and extreme stamina, so that we can achieve a long-term planning.

The goals

Our commissioning was at the same time the starting shot in a Future with much more quality and substance. A foundation should be built which will convince customers much better in the future and which will make Google the Friend makes and, of course, increase sales again.

Case Study: Google Panda Update the Crash and the Way Out 2

Notes on the diagram:

The visibility chart includes 500,000 keywords, which we neutral for each customer. So it always includes the same keywords, no matter which client it is.

So we can basically make a cleaner comparison and have correspondingly less contaminated or biased data.

What has happened so far and what is the status?

For this client we have created more than 2.000 contents on keywords which are outside the database of the visibility index.

The main volume of our actual work reflects this index therefore does not reflect at all in the first place, but only shows the effect of the Work in the long-tail area and the Impact of increased quality and substance on the keywords above it.

In the long tail this client now has countless #1 and Top 10 rankings. The increased quality and substance of the entire appearance ensures that today even numerous top 10 rankings directly with the manufacturer names of the traded products have been created.

In addition, in the meantime, the turnover / visitors could be (EPV – Earnings per visitor) significantly compared to increase earlier. This is particularly important in the case, as the customer is in a highly competitive environment and, in the course of the optimization measure numerous – in some cases extremely aggressive – competitors have joined the market.

However, the high quality now ensures that our customer more out of each of its website visitors than before. He can thus be in regularly assert themselves in this highly competitive environment and do profitable business with new customers. He can therefore already start with the first order of a customer earn money and does not have to – like many Company today – subsidize the initial order in the hope of further orders.

The peculiarity, congratulations and thanks

The factual starting point, bad SEO advice and corresponding consequences in ever tougher competitive environments we encounter very often. But what makes this customer and this project so special at this point? is his stamina and his courage in falling market situations. Investing sales.

We were hired when sales were still going from month to month… Month became less. In this tense situation, a long-term Planning a measure and then following through with it in a straight line requires a special attitude. Very few people can be in a situation in which their business away, the foresight, the calmness and the steadfastness to “invest through” this situation.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our customer not only simply thank him, but congratulate him on his attitude. We have by now provided such content services for more than 2,000 customers. With such a starting point like this, we can therefore say very confidently that we have a comparable result over and over again. Over the years, however, we have only few people who, in a comparable situation, have so confidently could act like our customer.

We are therefore doubly pleased with our client that he has been able to beat every comparable month from 2018 so far in 2019 and is now making more than €100,000 in additional revenue per month, and we look forward to our next steps together.

Remarks / Update: Since many of our customers increasingly use our content services together with our consulting services in the context of larger projects, we have migrated the services of to our website here. You can find the services here:

Sebastian Richter
Sebastian Richter

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