Finally safe with Google updates

Finally safe at Google updates script a

Google Guidelines

Google communicates openly and clearly what Google expects from a website operator. Since the early days of Google, Google has published in its Webmaster Guidelines the most important guiding information for working with Google.

If you or your agency have followed it from the beginning, there have been few problems with Google updates in the past.

You can summarize the guidelines in a simple mission statement.

Build your website for your visitors, NOT for Google. However, make sure that all information is technically structured in a way that Google can understand and interpret.

Always be honest with your content

Google is certainly one of the best IT projects in the world, yet Google doesn’t understand your website like a human does. Google therefore needs signals from your website that help Google to rank your site correctly.

Optimizing these signals so that Google understands what you do and what you specialize in makes sense and is good SEO – explicitly desired by Google. To make an over-optimization, that is, to pretend a state that does not (yet) exist, is dangerous.

If it works today, your shop can take a hit just one day later if you don’t follow this guiding principle.

Here you can find the Google Webmaster Guidelines:

Google thinking

Google has a (relatively) new portal. Think with Google. This is about a look at industries, consumer trends, inspiration for your own marketing. It’s definitely worth a look.

Knowledge on the net

Age of information

The SEO industry is evolving rapidly and changing extremely within a few years. Especially if you find online tips that did not originate from the mission statement (see Google guidelines), this knowledge is often outdated after a short time.

Outdated means what worked at the time of the article you’re finding may today (maybe 1000 Google updates later) take your site out of the index at record speed.

So please be careful when you find any information online. Please always check from when is the information and does it correspond to the mission statement.

Brand vs. Affiliate

As an online shop you are a brand. Brands are carefully built and managed over years. Therefore, consistency, trustworthiness and longevity is an essential ingredient to build a brand / business.

You certainly don’t want to open a new shop every year because your old one’s reputation has been burned.

Affiliates, on the other hand, often have a different business model. For an affiliate, it may be perfectly fine to set up a site in a weekend, beat it to the front in a week, make money quickly, and when the site burns out, just make a new one. For an online shop operator this is unthinkable.

Please think for a moment who publishes information about SEO more often – affiliates or online shop owners? So if an affiliate who has a completely different view of the SEO business publishes something, it may be just right for them, but extremely dangerous for you.

Therefore, please pay attention to every piece of information you find, from which perspective the author looks at the situation.

Cooperation with agencies


Please make sure that in any future cooperation with an agency that takes care of you, they commit themselves to work absolutely clean.

They should guarantee you absolute compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines. In addition, you should expect a report on the work, so for example when was which backlink organized.

Fairness for both sides

The important thing is to keep it fair for both sides. If you want overnight success for 300 € per month, you will not get a reputable agency to sign a contract with you.

If, on the other hand, you hire an agency to communicate with others on your behalf and organize individual high-quality links, this can work in principle. However, the cost in relation to the result will usually only be worth it if your shop / company already has a certain size.

A mark of 500 T€ turnover per year could serve as an orientation value. In many cases, the small changes and continuous link building can then add economic value that is well proportionate to the cost.

Working with us

If you ask us to create content for your shop or if we advise you in marketing and strategy, everything mentioned in the course is mandatory.

It is anchored in our processes and our technical editing systems that the right signals are sent in the right dose. Our content is created cleanly so you can use it for years to come.

We check each delivered content technically and manually that none of the internally defined criteria have been violated upwards or downwards.

Therefore, you do not need to follow anything from this course yourself to work with us. The information is only intended to help you with your other work.

Do you want to find out if and how we can help you to make your online shop more successful?

Then book an appointment for a 45-minute strategy call.

  1. To do so, go to the contact page here, simply write strategy date in the message box and send us a request.
  2. We send you three appointment proposals and take 45 minutes free of charge for you and find out together if and how we can help you to make your shop more successful.
Sebastian Richter
Sebastian Richter
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