From person to person: How to win loyal customers

Especially in our digitally networked world, the tried and tested telephone acquisition as a marketing tool is more in demand than ever. Why? You’ll learn about that here – as well as how you can take advantage of it. So what really makes customers tick.

It'll be done in a jiffy, right?

Take a fancy website, spice it up with trendy content on social media channels and add automated service tools: With this recipe, customers will literally fly to you.
This is what modern marketing gurus preach – after all, more and more people are “online” for longer and longer.

So why do small to medium sized businesses in particular notice that their sales don’t automatically grow along with the click-through rates of their websites?

So why do companies that invest a lot of money and energy in their web services often find that new customers are slow to arrive and drop out again more quickly than before?

Ask yourself: What do customers really want?

To find out, you just have to ask yourself: When are customers really satisfied, what do they particularly appreciate? What can I do as an entrepreneur so that they remain loyal to me in the long run?

Customer service: The human factor makes the difference

A large-scale study of German and Austrian consumers from 2016 gets to the heart of the matter: three-quarters of respondents would rather talk to people when they need advice or have a problem.
They also use digital channels, but only for standard 08/15 enquiries.

People buy from people

Conclusion of the survey: The human factor makes the difference. Customer service employees are often seen as a cost factor – yet they are often the deciding factor in whether a customer stays with their provider or disappointedly switches to the competition.

Your competitive advantage: personal contact

Whether you’re a business looking to attract new customers, bring them back, or be perceived as a provider that stands out with good service, the personal approach can be critical to whether or not you succeed.

That is why telephone acquisition as a marketing tool is so much in demand again today. The direct, personal contact with (potential) customers can be your big competitive advantage: not in spite of the current abundance of online services that make everything faster, easier and less complicated – but BECAUSEthese services exist.

Sounds paradoxical? But the truth is, it’s not.

Online services: anonymous and impersonal

Of course, digital services are especially helpful in marketing; if only because you can reach a lot of people very quickly. Online tools, for example, can also be beneficially combined with personal telephone acquisition – for example, to evaluate data and optimize work processes.

But online marketing has a striking disadvantage: it is anonymous and impersonal. As with the watering-can principle, all customers are “put on an equalfooting”: Web services from the computer do not take into account the specific needs that the individual customer has.

Show your customer that you care!

This is exactly the decisive advantage of good telephone canvassing. Only in directconversation can you convey to a (potential) customer that you are genuinely interested in their very personal wishes and problems.
So the feeling can arise with him : I can trust you and am in good hands with my concerns.

The charm offensive: How to win customers for you

We at Telefonakquise Büro Moser follow this philosophy in our daily work. We also like to call it the “charm offensive.”
Our specially trained employees conduct telephone calls with heart and empathy – and thus convert interested parties into (loyal) customers for you.

In the contact “from person to person” we give the interlocutors what they expect from manufacturers or service providers:

* Attention
You don’t win customers by “talking down” product benefits.
We find through targeted questions and attentive listening
find out where theshoereally “pinchesyour customers.

*Appreciation and recognition
We make your customer feel taken seriously:
by showing a sincere interest in his individual concerns
and offer him tailor-made solutions.

Trust has to be earned. That’s why a single phone call
not always immediately in a contract conclusion. By following up
(follow-up conversations), we try to build trust with your client and the feeling that they can rely on you as a provider.

Your success “tool”: professional telephone acquisition

Especially in the anonymous digital world, personal contact is a powerful “tool” if you want to win customers and keep them in the long run.

We are happy to support you with professional telephone canvassing!
Arrange your non-binding consultation appointment now:

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