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High quality SERVICES

Our services are all designed to provide the greatest possible benefit to our customers, while being as easy to use as possible.

You therefore convey quality and can recommend us with a good feeling.

Commission for NEW customers

You will receive a full year commission for every new customer you refer. We'd rather give the money we'd otherwise spend on advertising to other entrepreneurs than the big platforms.

You can build up additional, regular and stable income.

Commission for new PARTNERS

If you add value by referring additional partners to us, we will be happy to pay you compensation for that as well.

Build additional revenue by getting us more partners.


The recommended person, you and we profit from the cooperation. As it should be in a good business, everyone has an advantage.

Therefore, let us grow together.

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With your webRichtUng account you can access our protected, exclusive area. You can order services there, use our partner program and the accompanying training area for our seminars.

The creation of the customer account is completely free of charge foryou.

We work as a B2B service provider exclusively for freelancers, trade and commerce. By registering you confirm that you are acting on behalf of your company.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Absolutely and 100%! You do not enter into any obligation by your participation. The webinar will be highly beneficial to you, whether you choose to work with us afterwards or not.

If you refer a new customer to us you will receive 10% commission of the total net sales of the customer within the first year (365 days).

The registration is kept very simple. You can open your account in 2 minutes.

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