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Linda pro can talk 😉 – from now on with push messages

With our update, we taught Linda pro how to talk. From now on push messages are directly integrated in Linda pro. In the coming weeks we will integrate the push function in more and more places, so that you can stay up to date even when you are on the move.

Additionally, the push function provides the foundation for future coaching functions. Linda pro will be able to actively help you in the future to bring topics such as strategy, marketing, sales and finance effortlessly and systematically to a better level.

You can use the push feature on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Apple Watch, Macs and PCs.

We activate the push function free of charge for all customers and include a generous monthly free quota of push messages.

If you are not yet using Linda pro, click here to find out how Linda pro can benefit you and your company.

Sebastian Richter
Sebastian Richter
Sebastian ist Inhaber und GeschĂ€ftsfĂŒhrer der webRichtUng GmbH.

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